Importance Of a Good Corporate Secretary


Secretaries are crucial in ensuring the daily operations of a company. Structured and efficient handling of administrative tasks and facilitating communication in the company form the backbone of a strong and successful company. Because incorporated companies are required by law to appoint a secretary, it is important to get a reliable and capable secretary for company operations to run smoothly and comply with local law and regulations, and Afitty Solution is the right place for you to consider such services.

Requirements of a Company Secretary

According to the Companies Act, every company in Singapore is required to appoint a company secretary within 6 months of incorporation. Secretaries should meet the criteria of being a natural person and has his/her principal or only place of residence in Singapore. Secretaries take up multiple roles within the company, mainly administrative, advisory and fiduciary.

Administrative Role

Secretaries handle administrative tasks to ensure that business operations run smoothly. This includes the maintenance of Minutes and Registers Books, submission of Annual Return to ACRA, monitoring the company’s compliance with relevant regulations etc. Carrying out these tasks with precision and completing before deadlines are important to protect the company from unnecessary liabilities by regulatory bodies, hence allowing directors of a company to focus on running the business. Secretaries too aid in facilitating communication throughout the company, across management levels through prompt reporting to the directed parties to ensure cohesion.

Advisory Role

Secretaries should be well-versed with the legal and compliance frameworks of businesses, such as the Company Act and the Income Tax Act, as well as the internal governance of the company. They facilitate the decision-making process by the executives by providing them with key information of the company and ways to formulate strategies while complying with regulations.

Fiduciary Role

Secretaries have the duty to act in the best interests of the company in good faith and avoid or disclose potential conflicts of interests that may arise.

The wide range of important duties that will jeopardize a company’s operations if not carried out properly places much emphasis on the attributes that secretaries should have: meticulousness, dedication and competence. It is crucial for companies to appoint a trustworthy person who embodies such qualities as secretary to manage the secretarial duties effectively so that they can focus on taking the business to greater heights.


The active use of technology in the company incorporation process and professional corporate secretarial services has generated many positive reviews online that reflect the efficiency, effectiveness and proficiency of Afitty company secretaries. Placing clients as our utmost priority, Afitty strives to further enhance its business operations and provision of professional services to bring clientele servicing beyond excellence, living up to our reputation of being the best provider of corporate secretarial services in the market.

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