What Is the Purpose of an Accounting Service Company?

March 10, 2022

As a business owner, you need to think about keeping your accounting related work perfect at all times. This can help you to predict the future growth of your company as well. On the other hand, it can provide a great overall assistance to you with taking your business to the next level with ease.

Importance Of a Good Corporate Secretary

March 10, 2022

Secretaries are crucial in ensuring the daily operations of a company. Structured and efficient handling of administrative tasks and facilitating communication in the company form the backbone of a strong and successful company. Because incorporated companies are required by law to appoint a secretary, it is important to get a reliable and capable secretary for company operations to run smoothly and comply with local law and regulations, and Afitty Solution is the right place for you to consider such services.

Cashflow for Beginners: (Direct vs Indirect Method)

March 11, 2022

If you’re putting together a business plan for a loan or investment, your cash flow statement is one of three must-have statements that your plan needs. Not only will investors want to see how cash is moving into and out of your business, but your cash flow statement will help you understand exactly how much cash you need to raise and when you’re going to need it.

7 Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs Launching a Startup

April 11, 2022

Starting a company for the first time will most likely be the biggest leap forward in your business life — and with it comes understandable risks to your finances, and even your reputation. However if you’re armed with the right knowledge, you’ll enjoy the immense rewards of financial independence, and ultimately, control over your own destiny. There is nothing we can say that will make creating your startup easy for you, but if you read our following 7 financial tips for entrepreneurs launching a startup, it will help plan for your success, while avoiding the all-too-common pitfalls of startup culture.

Why you should hire a CFO for your small business

April 18, 2022

Most people do not realize how important it is to have an experienced CFO to steer the business during difficult times. Hence, now there is a virtual CFO service that costs a fraction of the usual price. Let’s learn about the functions of a virtual chief financial officer.

Employers’ guide to CPF

April 22, 2022

Do you plan to hire your first employee? See inside for the 5 things new employers should know about CPF contributions

Checklist for accounting in small businesses

April 27, 2022

Every small business needs a reliable accounting system. In this way, you can stay on track with your business goals, and use your data to manage and project cash flows accurately.

Here is a list of key tasks you can perform to simplify and streamline the financial workflow.

What is a Dormant Company?

May 5, 2022

Dormant companies are the subject of some misconceptions and confusion. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand dormant companies better.

10 Reasons of High Staff Turnover

May 11, 2022

An employee is the most valuable asset of any firm. So, when they leave, there will be a gap that needs to be filled up. This exists, and entry creates a  big challenge for the organisation. Hiring new employees and making them productive requires time, money, and resources.

Top 5 Accounting Software in Singapore Reviews

May 13, 2022

Financial accounting is essential for any business. Without proper accounting, it would be hard to track its expenses, income, and profit. Therefore, choosing the best accounting software is crucial for small businesses in Singapore.

There are many different types of accounting software available on the market today. However, not all of them are created equal. If you are looking for the best accounting software in Singapore, you have come to the right place.

Accounting and Finance Career Paths

May 19, 2022

For a new graduate, attempting to determine which career paths are feasible, and which ones are the best for you can be overwhelming. This article will look at potential accounting and finance career paths for a new graduate, as well as look at careers that can combine both of these. The certifications mentioned are typically the baseline required for higher-up careers in accounting and finance, which require schooling beyond a bachelor’s degree. As for entry-level careers, directly after your undergraduate degree, those will also be referenced. 



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